Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Certification

Our Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Certification is an 8 week, 1 hour a session long course measuring change and significantly impacting: “Stress, anxiety, depression, compassion for self, compassion for others, leadership, courage, and social dominance orientation (racist/sexist proclivities)”

This course brings several linked sets of important behavior together, racial and social inequality and compassion. The research literature have already begun to come together in meaningful ways by offering an appreciation of the strength we need to address suffering at the individual and civic level. While individual understanding is critical, we must reconsider the solo hero model, understanding that compassionately addressing social inequality is a collective effort.

Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Certification
Becoming together

Employees, faculty and students personal and organizational lives create inevitable challenges and suffering. Compassion is a broader dynamic interpersonal opportunity to take action in the face of suffering, so we emphasize action through recognition of life challenges and engaged empathic response as the focus of this course.

“The challenge is no longer to find a good reason that compassion matters for business. The challenge now is to heed the call to design work and workplaces that awaken compassion.” Worline and Dutton, 2017

Research Based

Our own research has found The conclusions emanating from that “organizations and workplace environments with programs that offer an integration of wellbeing interventions weaved in with compassion increase and prejudice reduction perspectives. The notion that increased wellbeing is closely linked with higher levels of compassion as well as a more egalitarian view of co-workers and potential work collaborators is likely to appeal to organizations.” Martin et. al., 2014

Measure Outcomes

The Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion course is designed in the most engaging way, with the Brightsity platform using cutting-edge technology, clinical/social psychological tools, as well as psychometric evaluation to measure impact in compassion and self compassion, stress, anxiety, and depression. Importantly, we also measure occupational outcomes to ensure we can show a direct relationship between compassion and professional outcomes. “Compassionate leaders take pleasure in being able to foster the development and learning of those around them; they use their own knowledge to support and help others…” Martin et. al., 2017

Course Highlights:

  • 1) You’re not alone – you will form a team of two motivated participants – your partner and yourself.
  • 2) Convenient – participants work efficiently when convenient for them and their partner.
  • 3) Measures employee, student, and self-development.
  • 4) Scientifically proven impact on job related competencies and psychological well-being.
  • 5) Founded and developed by Stanford University-based professors.
  • 6) Web and mobile (IOS and Android) based.
  • 7) Programs designed by preeminent psychologists and subject matter experts.
  • Length:

    18-hour virtual leadership training experience delivered over 8 weeks in a dyadic, peer to peer based course, guided by expert leadership content and guidance.

  • Location:

  • Tuition:

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What Do Participants Learn?

The course develops these skills and measures relevant outcomes psychometrically.


Compassion, values and values affirmation

Introduction to the course, goals, understanding empathic/active listening, motivational interviewing and values


Personality and your leadership

Understanding ourselves, expanding our relationship through sharing


Neuropsychology of emotions

Understanding the complexity of the brain, how things get “tricky” and why “it’s not our fault, but it is our responsibility”


Mindsets and mindfulness

Preparing to engage suffering in our own and others lives, the tools and skills needed


Prejudice and Discrimination

The roots and manifestations of human discrimination/how social identity impacts our lives


Bystander Intervention

What to do? When to act?


Stereotype threat

Internalized prejudice and discrimination


Compassionate consolidation and planning

Celebration, consolidation and closure

Psychometric Outcomes

Significantly Higher Levels of:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Service Orientation
  • Compassion for Self
  • Compassion for others
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Dominan Orientation

Significantly Lower Levels of:

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