This program for parents teaches compassionate parenting, an approach that provides a secure emotional base as parents develop the nurturing, protective, and compassionate skills that securely empower them. We will outline and develop compassionate parenting skills to understand how to contribute to children’s emotional intelligence; understand the emotions related to attachment; understand and develop compassion as a self-building emotion; and grow the ability to cope, and promotes a compassionate identity for the family.

We will also work with other compassionate parenting skills, including regulating anger, value affirmation in emotional regulation, and growing a compassionate and emotional vocabulary. Finally an agreement to empower the family and a step-by-step technique for resolving family disputes are offered. This program brings together cutting edge research content and applications driven by Stanford affiliated psychologists on an intuitive online learning platform.

Who Should Attend Compassionate Parenting?

Parents with children of any age, people considering parenthood, grandparents, developmental psychology students, psychologists, social workers, family practice MDs, counselors, school psychologists, grandparents, concerned teachers, human resources professionals volunteers, and those preparing for the above.

A wise and easy tool to implement with parents across K-12 school districts to impact a variety of core needs: healthy parent and student behavior and coping, impacting overall accreditation and outcome metrics. Excellent for undergraduate behavioral classes and graduate/undergraduate courses.

Why choose Compassionate Parenting with Emotional Intelligence?

Compassionate Parenting offers a unique approach to education that strips boring and non-relevant materials from your learning environment, and putting the most important person in charge, reflecting critical experiences and identity, you!

A wholly reimagined online developmental experience designed to measurably transform your parenting approach, celebrating the effort, love and struggles with a peer partner, trained as you will be in empathic, active listening. This program brings together cutting edge research content and applications driven by Stanford affiliated psychologists on an intuitive online learning platform.

  • Length:

    18-hour virtual leadership training experience delivered over 8 weeks in a dyadic, peer to peer based course, guided by expert leadership content and guidance.

  • Location:

  • Tuition:

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What Do Participants Learn?

Research on compassionate parenting has shown that it is important for parents to be willing to build emotional connections with their children. The parent's most crucial job is to provide for these emotional ties in a positive way with their children to ensure a solid attachment. We will explore and address growth in emotional intelligence between parents to serve as role models for school achievement and later work and relationships.


Session One

Introduction Compassionate Parenting


Session Two

Anger at your Children; Who has the power?


Session Three

Emotional regulation for Parents


Session Four

The Law of Emotional Investment


Session Five

Effective Discipline


Session Six

Empowering Children


Session Seven

Compassionate parenting for ages 6-12


Session Eight

Take Interest Beneath the surface

Psychometric Outcomes

Significantly Higher Levels of:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Service Orientation
  • Compassion for Self
  • Compassion for others
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Dominan Orientation

Significantly Higher Levels of:

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