Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brightsity?

Brightsity facilitates lasting learning across a myriad of human endeavors, occupationally, emotionally, and organizationally. Our platform accomplishes this by having deep faith in human social capacity, and by validating that faith through psychometric analysis at the individual level.

Faith is born of research, and we have plenty of evidence of the success of our model (see front page).

Humans evolved as members of social groups, and by facilitating structured engagements through various topics add a granular level and measuring those outcomes, were able to mitigate the cost associated with logistical challenges like classroom space and faculty members. More pertinent, we support the impact of the course work using the actual tool psychologist would you use to establish well-being, or hiring managers would use to assess occupational competencies for the purposes of recruitment war performance.

This all occurs in the most engaging delivery possible, with individuals working together as trusted and responsible members of the smallest group, two!

I want to use Brightsity courses for my college/university/organization, how does it work?

Brightsity courses are easy to manage independently. Features such as automatic matching, waitlists, constant feedback, and prevention of problem participants are embedded in the program. Data is provided in easy to analyze spreadsheet. Brightsity courses can be used to facilitate compassion development relationships between parents, teachers, administration and between community, business, associations police, firefighters, human resources managers, leaders, and organizations. Organizations can use the data generated for employee support, accreditation, marketing, corporate social responsibility and recruitment. Get in touch to get started.

How and Why Partners?

You’re not alone – you will form a team of two motivated participants – your partner and yourself! Depending on your deployment, participants will have different partnering approaches.

For large scale business, healthcare and academic deployments, there are 3 options:

  • First come, first serve (pairs are created as participants register)
  • Faculty/Teachers/Admin/Managers choose (participants register, then admin can match based on their needs)
  • Psychometric matching (We have taken out the guesswork and validated a tool to match for you!)

The good news: They all work great!

For individual (Self-Development) participants:

First come first serve in your time-zone! You will be matched with a committed and considerate partner who desires to grow, just like you!

What do Brightsity Assessments Measure?

We psychometrically measure employee, student, and self-development outcomes!

Is Brightsity Convenient?

Participants work socially distanced and efficiently when convenient for them and their partner! Flexible schedule for those who are time constricted

Who designed Brightsity?

Programs designed by preeminent psychologists and subject matter experts associated with Stanford and other preeminent universities!