Well-Being Program Certifications

Well-Being Program Certifications are available to participants considering or planning, managing, and directing activities of a wellness coaching or workplace program.

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Well-Being/Self-Development Programs


Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Certification

An 8 week, 1 hour a session long course measuring change and significantly impacting:“Stress, anxiety, depression, compassion for self, compassion for others, leadership, courage, and social dominance orientation (racist/sexist proclivities)”

Compassionate Divorce

Our compassionate divorce course covers the core elements of what divorcing people need to understand, consider and act on as they pursue healthy healing and a new life in the aftermath of marriage. Divorce impacts approximately 50% of marriages, is well understood and like any challenge in life, can be an opportunity to grow, secure the next steps for you and your family.

Compassionate Families

This dyadic program contains a set of modules that will give you an opportunity to learn, discuss and practice approaches and methods that will help you improve your family relationships and help you and your family function in a healthy way.

Compassionate Parenting

This program for parents teaches compassionate parenting, an approach that provides a secure emotional base as parents develop the nurturing, protective, and compassionate skills that securely empower them.

Compassionate Relationships

In Compassionate Relationships we will explore presumptions about marriages and why they fail. Our seven principles stem from research of processes in married couples and successful interventions.

Compassionately Increasing Quality of Life

Compassionately Increasing Quality of Life are factors that affect the overall quality based on people's lifestyles and their personal preferences.

Compassionately Understanding the Teenage Brain

Throughout an individual’s human development, one of the most crucial points is during the teenage years. This is the time that the brain grows and develops the most, learning how to analyze wants, needs, desires, actions, reactions, emotions, and attitude is very helpful and important, but seldom appreciated for its opportunities and obstacles.

Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is something that nearly everyone needs for a fulfilling life, and unfortunately, it's something that many people lack in their lives.

Leading with Compassion Training and Certificate Program

This course is about bringing two importantly linked sets of concepts and behavior together, namely leadership and compassion.

Stress, Burnout and Compassion Training and Certificate Program

This course brings two linked sets of personal and workplace concerns, stress and burnout, with a series of exercises to address them while building compassion.
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Well-Being/Self-Development Features

Well-Being Program Certifications

Well-Being Program Certifications are available to participants considering or planning, managing, and directing activities of a wellness coaching or workplace program.

The Well-Being courses are broken into several core areas, and can be bundled for 3 levels of certification, basic, advanced or executive certifications.

Holding a certification demonstrates that you are qualified to work in the health promotion/wellness field and stay up to date by participating in continuing education activities. See Certifications for more information.


Self-help or self-improvement is a self-guided improvement, that sadly is usually quite ineffective. Brightsity tools use the smallest groups, dyads of committed partners who are given the highest level of psychological and social tools to address the topic they want to optimize in, facilitating friendship, emotional support, experiential knowledge, identity, meaningful roles, and a sense of belonging while sharing coping and new growth.

More importantly, we provide actual evidence of change, the very tools that we (psychologists use to assess development of their clients). Brightsity offers a wide array of tools to address all of your self developmental needs!