Brightsity Coaching Services

Metrics based coaching for leaders at all-levels with development and support of a 1:1 coach, peer and opportunities to serve as both a mentor and protege. Brightsity tools establish areas of challenge, limit, and strengths and offer safe and impactful approaches to develop, strengthen and implement productive approaches in their positions.

Why Brightsity Coaching

Our coaching is not a pulling of an individual out of context, letting them try a new perspective and then hoping for the best. Participants receive a comprehensive series of assessments, the coaching of a qualified and capable coach, as well as trusted and reciprocal support from a peer leader that support and encourage both parties between the series of sessions.

Measurable Impact

Research on the effectiveness of Brightsity courses has been conducted in universities, hospitals and corporations.

Brightsity Tools have statistically significantly


  • lni-grow Service Orientation
  • lni-target Leadership
  • lni-network Teamwork
  • lni-handshake Compassion for Others
  • lni-consulting Compassion for Self
  • lni-emoji-happy Subjective Happiness


  • lni-emoji-sad Stress
  • lni-shuffle Anxiety
  • lni-star-half Depression
  • lni-direction-alt Racist Attitudes
  • lni-magnet Sexist Attitudes
  • lni-first-aid Psychopathy

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